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 The biggest volcano eruption ever recorded, in 1815 at Mount Tambora, not only led to snow in New York during the summer of that year, but also to the invention of the bicycle. Similarly, the recent COVID-19 pandemic not only brought the realization how fragile the framework of our lives is but has already led to superfast technological evolution in education, in healthcare, or in many other industries – and we believe the majority of new inventions is yet to come. Fast and furious as the previous ones did. Or even faster.

But while science and technology aims to make our everyday lives more comfortable, our work more efficient, our circumstances more predictable, we ask you to raise your head from the present moment and look around: where are we heading? What will humans become living an ever more comfortable, ever more efficient, and ever more predictable life? Or should we rather ask what remains?

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How to build more trust in AI? Bring in risk assessment!

How to build more trust in AI? Bring in risk assessment!

We need to ensure algorithms are transparent, unbiased, ethical and not short-sighted in their decisions. Instead of acting post facto, when a given algorithm is already in the market, researchers, companies as well as regulators need to create certain “checks and balances” to ensure more “quality control” early on. Here are some tips how to do exactly that.

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The 7 most pressing ethical issues around AI

The 7 most pressing ethical issues around AI

In the last years, the research and application of smart algorithms through machine learning or deep learning has multiplied. Artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) achieved incredible results through natural language processing and computer vision in many areas. For...

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Asking The Right Questions About Automation And Work

Asking The Right Questions About Automation And Work

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, as the World Economic Forum coined the accelerated use of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and other forms of automation, is a phenomenon stoking a massive transformation in technology and the realm of work. The impending...

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